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Payroll Support

Hire your own help and let us support you to learn how to pay your staff

What does it mean?

  • We help you understand how to be an Employer and the tasks you will need to do
  • We help you find a suitable payroll tool and teach you how to use it
  • We help you learn how to process your staff wage information
  • We help you understand your requirements to withhold tax and calculate superannuation
  • We help you understand the role of a BAS registered tax accountant who can help you deal with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and act on your behalf. How this role can help you to lodge your payment summary information and help you pay your staff  superannuation payments

​​How can Plan Navigators payroll support work well for you?

  • You want to learn the role of becoming an Employer
  • You want help to learn how to process your staff wages
  • For people who do not want to use a Book Keeper to run their staff payroll

What do you need to know?

  • Plan Navigators Payroll Support Service is only for people who have a Plan Managed NDIS plan
  • We are not able to act on your behalf to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO)
  • We are not a Book Keeper or a Tax Account service
  • Plan Navigators does not provide legal advice. We support you to find this information out or link you in with the right services
  • This is a fee for service. We will provide you a quote based on your needs. We will support you understand how you can use your NDIS funding to cover the cost of the payroll tool you decide to use or the support you require from us to up-skill you, how to pay your tax accountant if you engage one

Sarah’s story

With support from her family, Sarah was Self-Managing the state funding she received from Disability Services. Under this funding model they had private support workers who they paid cash. Sarah and her family were not made aware of their responsibilities regarding withholding tax.

When Sarah became eligible to transfer to the NDIS, she opted for her NDIS plan to be plan managed. Sarah wanted to continue with her current support workers, but her support workers did not want to get an ABN. This meant Sarah had to become an Employer.

Sarah (with support from her family) contacted Plan Navigators to discuss their situation. We supported Sarah and her family to understand the process of becoming an Employer and the tasks they would be responsible for.

Plan Navigators Payroll Support provided;

-Support to understand how to register for a Workers Payer Number (WPN)

-Different options for the payroll tool that best suits their needs

-Support for Sarah and her family on how to use their chosen payroll system

-Support to learn how to enter time-sheets and process staff wage information

-Support to understand suitable worker’s compensation policy

-Support to find a suitable BAS agent who is able to act on their behalf to the ATO and help make superannuation payments to staff

-Support as their Plan Manager to claim the wage information from Sarah’s funding and pay staff on her behalf

-Support to understand staff contracts and help Sarah and her family provide contracts to staff

Sarah and her family have found that with the right support and information, becoming an Employer has not been too scary.

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