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Plan Management

Plan Management gives you support to help you take more control of your funding

What does it mean?

  • Plan Management is a way your plan is managed and you need to ask NDIS for this at your planning meeting
  • Plan Management is a capacity building support to help you take more control of your funding
  • Plan Management means you have choice and control over the service providers you use
  • A Plan Manager helps you to understand your invoices, helps you approve your invoices and can also help you find suitable supports you are looking for. We pay invoices on your behalf and support you to keep track of your budget

​​How can Plan Management work well for you?

  • ​Makes your NDIS plan more flexible to buy supports from services found in your local community
  • You can hire support workers as contractors or employ your own staff
  • You will be in control of approving invoices you get from your service provider and question any mistakes
  • Plan Management can save you money because hourly rates charged by non registered providers are generally lower then those found in the NDIS price guide

What do you need to consider with Plan Management?

  • A Plan Manager helps you to make decisions on how to best use your funds and is required at times to help you understand whats ok and not ok to buy with your funding
  • You have to stick to the NDIS price guide rates e.g. you can’t hire a gardener for $60 per hour because the price guide rate is around $50 per hour
  • If you hire contractors, there are legal considerations for you to think about
  • If you decide that you would like to directly employ your support workers, we can provide a payroll service if required
  • For people who would like to employ their own staff, we can help you learn how to become an employer and how to run a your own payroll. Alternatively we can help you to find an external payroll service provider
  • Not all Plan Managers work the same way. We’ve heard lots of people have had bad experiences with Plan Managers who make it difficult to use their funding flexibly. Even if you don’t use us, make sure you do your research and learn about other people’s experiences before choosing a Plan Manager

Rebecca’s story

Rebecca opted to plan manage her NDIS plan. She asked for this option at her NDIS meeting. This allowed Rebecca to use her plan more flexibly. Rebecca was able to use a mix of supports to assist her.

She used some of her funding to engage a service provider to assist with her employment goals. With another part of her funding, she could hire her own support workers to assist with community access and in-home care.

Rebecca was able to use services found in her local community and decided to hire a local gardener and cleaner who have ABN's. These supports assisted her with tasks around the home she was unable to do herself.

Having a flexible plan meant Rebecca was able to choose a mix of different therapy providers. She used her local physiotherapist to assist with mobility goals. For Occupational Therapy, Rebecca chose an NDIS-registered provider who could assist with the Functional Assessment Report she needed for her plan review meeting.

Being plan managed, Rebecca found it really empowering to be able to check over the invoices she now receives from her service providers. It allows her to query the invoice directly with the provider, or seek support from her Plan Manager at Plan Navigators when she requires some extra help.

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