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Shared Management

Shared Management means we help you with hiring the best support for you

What does it mean?

  • It’s a individual agreement between you and us. It’s not something you can ask NDIS for
  • You can use your existing staff but we employ them on your behalf
  • We act on your behalf as the employer so we take care of paying your staff and some of the legal obligations relating to recruitment and insurance
  • We can help you find staff when you need extra support. This is called recruitment

How can SHARED MANAGEMent work well for you?

  • You want to be in control of who works with you but don’t feel ready to be the employer
  • You want to be in control of supervising and coordinating your own staff
  • You want to be in control of interviewing for new staff
  • You want to be in control of what your staff get paid per hour
  • You want to be in control of how your staff work with you and what they support you with

What do you need to know?

  • This is a fee for service. We work out a fee with you to undertake the role of the Employer
  • You will get more hours of support because you are not having to pay the full NDIS Agency Managed hourly rates
  • You do have extra responsibilities than people who would use an agency managed service
  • Your staff will be covered by an award called the Social Community Home Care and Disability Services Industry (SCHADS Award), so there are rules we have to follow
  • You can use your NDIS plan no matter how it is managed. You use an NDIS Agency Managed, Plan Managed or Self-managed plan to enable you to implement a shared management solution
  • Put simply, it’s a partnership between you and us. You tell us what level of control you want and when you need us to act on your behalf

Emmanuel’s story

Emmanuel started working with Inclusion WA a number of years ago and brought his own staff with him to the organisation.

When Plan Navigators was formed, he begun a Shared Management arrangement with us that suits his needs. For Emmanuel, what this looks like is his sister assisting him to coordinate his staff and then us paying them.

This Shared Management arrangement means;

-  The staff who are highly experienced and trained can be paid at a wage that reflects this

-  Emmanuel can be supported by people who know him well, communicate effectively with his sister and are proactive in understanding his needs and wants

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