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Support Coordination

Support Coordination means helping you navigate the NDIS and getting the most out of your NDIS Plan

What does it mean?

  • A Support Coordinator helps you understand the NDIS and how you can get the most out of your plan
  • NDIS provides ‘Support Coordination’ funding in your NDIS plan for this role
  • They help you to find the right supports and services to help you achieve your goals
  • They help you work out a budget for each support and service you choose to use
  • They help you learn how to resolve issues that may come up with your supports and services
  • They help you learn about service agreements and understanding them
  • They help you to prepare for your NDIS plan review meetings


What are the skill sets of Plan navigators Support coordinators

  • We understand self management and plan management really well and help people who are self managing to get the most out of their plan
  • We are skilled in supporting people to become the employer of their own staff
  • We are skilled in supporting people to recruit for staff
  • We are skilled in developing Individual Living Option (ILO) quotes
  • We have strong knowledge base of supports and services available in the WA community
  • We help people think creatively around how they want to use their plans and what is important to them
  • We understand Assitive Technology quoting requirements and help people through this process


What do you need to know?

  • Plan Navigators is registered for Level 2 Support Coordination
  • Not everyone is funded by the NDIS to recieve Support Coordiantion funds
  • If you were not funded for Support Coordination we can help you understand how you can use your NDIS plan to access this support from us

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