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Liz’s Story

Liz’s transition to becoming a Self-Manager was an easy one.

She was frustrated with her NDIS agency-managed plan as she could only use NDIS-registered service providers. This limited her in really being able to access the right support and services. She required flexibility and responsive service delivery to achieve her goals.

Liz was supported by Plan Navigators to request from the NDIS that her next plan be part self-managed and part agency-managed. Liz began self-managing her core funds. She worked with her Support Coordinator at Plan Navigators to learn how to use the NDIS MyPlace portal, make claims and pay her own invoices.

After self-managing part of her plan, Liz soon realised she lacked real choice and control in other parts that were still agency-managed, like her Improved Daily Living budget. She was frustrated by how little control she had over how the therapy provider was using her funds. So when it came time for her NDIS plan review, Liz opted to self-manage her whole plan.

Liz found it made a big difference to be in control of her budget and keep track of where and on what her funding is spent. Self-managing allowed Liz to access different therapy services that met her specific needs. She found it empowering to be able to keep her chosen providers accountable for how her funds were being used. They couldn’t just bill against her funding for providing a service without her approval.

Liz discovered that having the right support to learn how to take on some of the responsibilities makes it much easier to transition from an agency-managed plan to a self-managed one. Liz’s next goal is to take the brave step towards directly engaging her own support staff.