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Simon’s story

Simon requires support in all aspects of his life. When he turned 18 his family bought him a home close to theirs and organised for him to be supported by an organisation. They had trouble getting an organisation to listen, but finally settled on one which seemed to listen to them about Simon’s needs.

Things went well for a couple of years but Simon’s family started noticing he was unhappy and expressing this through his behaviour. After some investigation, they found he wasn’t being treated well by one of the staff. Simon’s family complained to the organisation but they said there was no proof and would need to go through a performance management process in order to move the staff member on.

After ongoing frustrations, Simon’s family approached Plan Navigators and we came to an arrangement where we help the family find staff, but ultimately they choose them. Simon now has some great support staff that know him, have a joke and a laugh with him and know when he is unhappy.

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