Choosing what matters by Heather Simmons

Employing your own staff

This resource by Heather Simmons is designed to help you and your family understand some of the strangeness and complexity that there is in our attitudes toward disability.

It aims to help you find a way through that complexity and has some ideas about how to see the world differently.

It will help you to think about what really matters so that you and your family don’t just get the services you require but get the life you want to live together.

Understanding the NDIS booklets

Understanding the NDIS

If you are about to become an NDIS participant you will find these three handy booklets on the website very useful. You’ll learn about the planning process and how you can get supports.

Booklet 1) Understanding the NDIS

Booklet 2) Planning

Booklet 3) Using your NDIS plan

WAIS’ guide to shared management

Shared management

The team at WA Individualised Services (WAIS) created this guide to help people understand Shared Management. Shared Management is where a person and/or their family work with a Support Organisation like Plan Navigators to share the management of their support arrangements. It enables people to direct, control, manage and monitor their support, in way that makes sense to the person, their family and their communities.

NDIS guide to self-management


Self-management is when you manage your NDIS funding. It gives you the flexibility and choice to decide what supports you buy to meet your plan goals. It lets you think creatively about how you can use your funds to best meet your needs.

Visit the NDIS website for more information about Self-management.


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